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This site or this shirt is not an IKEA product and has nothing to do with the meatball Swedish wrestling superpower of IKEA brand. It's just a well designed and hand printed shirt by some fans of Darwin the monkey in hopes that everyone has a great 2013 now that we avoided the boring Mayan apocalypse.

Play the above FLASH game and help IKEA Monkey build a shelf for his new home. If you win take a buddy shot with Darwin and send it in to us so we can put it on our blog! Email munke.sales@gmail.com! If you're on an iphone, sorry it won't work. Go get on a desktop or laptop ya stinker.
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OK look... we know we're just hopping on the IKEA Monkey shearling coat bullshit bandwagon, but hey, at least we're making a pretty kick-ass shirt that's printed by hand right here in Toronto Ontario by humans. No big corporation, no rip-off photo iron-on jobby, this was designed by J.J. and silk screened by hand with 4 different inks by Tim.

Not only that, but we've built a pretty fantastical IKEA MONKEY game that you can play if you're not on a greasy ipad or a gold iphone 5. (Not that I'm against that, you just need some type of gizmo that has a flash player people.)

Also, want to learn more about how shit like this gets made? Take a look at the blog we're currently updating with all the artwork and silly nonsense. Rough design drawings, character and background design, game design?! Dagnabbit this blog has it all!!

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ikea monkey shirt

That's right! You can scoop it up easily downtown at the skate shop right off the Ossington subway line on Bloor St. The address is 940 Bloor St. and just walk right in at demand an IKEA Monkey Shirt. It's right next to the Portuguese chicken place Sardinha. Follow the smell of chicken and the line-up of hungry sweaty cops.

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